A few weeks ago, I didn’t think I would be able to take up my place in the Birmingham Half Marathon but yesterday I was at the start line with a not too bad time for a first attempt. Thanks Martin

Tracy Priest

Thanks so much Martin, my back is feeling good today. Really happy with the treatment yesterday. Recommend Mac Physio & Pilates if you’re in pain! See you in a couple of weeks.

Kelly Cheeseman

Annie is a super teacher and the classes are a good size as she is able to provide one to one help when it’s needed to ensure you’re doing it right.

Ruth Taylor

It seems that the rehab Ive been doing over the last 4 weeks has been fixing it. I must thank you for all your professional treatment, help and guidance since I first contacted you. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a friendly careing and expert Physio.

Chris Thomson

Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed the new mom Pilates class and Freya has loved playing with the toys and other babies. I had no clue that sit ups cause potentially be making new mommies stomachs worse and that core strengh may need work in other ways before starting exercises like that so thank you for all the info and exercise tips that go lovely with the class. Bikini body in no time. Seriously thank you.

Kimberley Ball

Marty got me to the start line for #VLM2015… treated me for IT band and Piriformis… now working with both Martin and Anni on stength and conditioning. FIRST CLASS….

Lee Avery (DK Running Club)

Meeting Martin has been wonderful! Even though there is no cure for my problem, Martin has worked tirelessly  to give me improved mobility, pain  relief and also written to advise my Doctor on how I can be further supported. Martin has made home visits when necessary, he is highly professional with a great sense of humour, which he has needed in order to treat me. Martin has the magic touch! I can highly recommend him to people of all

Bert Ridout

Annie is an amazing Pilates instructor keeping classes vibrant and fresh with no one class following the same format and a ready warm smile to jolly us along. She is attentive to the individual needs of all students in the class whilst ensuring that the exercise is undertaken correctly to maximise benefit and prevent injury. Her professional expertise as a physiotherapist enables Annie to instruct Pilates more meaningfully and with great care. And as a physiotherapist her ability is best described as ‘instinctive magic hands’.

Jennifer Monckton

I thoroughly enjoy Annie’s pilates classes, especially as the classes are only small. As I seem to have very little co-ordination it helps enormously to be be able to follow Annie, and the one-to-one personal touch as she moves around the class is reassuring. I am more flexible and my posture has improved, I like the fact that everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and not push their body beyond their own limits. Above all it is fun and the hour goes really quickly. Thank you Annie

Wendy Amos

Enjoyed my first ever Pilates session. Very informative very well delivered!

Wayne Martin


Very pleased with Annie’s work. Never had treatment on my back that has lasted more than a couple of days but it’s now been a couple of months and it is still really good. Thanks Annie 🙂

Claire Richardson

Thanks Mac & getting used to my knees strapped lol & Steve is feeling better now. Thanks for a great start of treatment

Suzy Geraghty

Excellent service, professional treatment with ongoing results, I am very happy to have been recommended to Mac Physiotherapy & Pilates, I feel this will be somebody to help with any further problems I or my family have, and wish them our very best for their future plans.

Janet Peters

I’m a personal trainer who has been treated by Martin Cunningham on several occasions, Martin is extremely professional, from my experience as a trainer I have put so much trust in him that I also refer my clients, they have also come back with great results and all good comments

Leanne Louise Tesoriero

Marty treats me for several issues. Shoulder, knee rehab from a dislocation and back issues. He’s extremely good at what he does and has made a huge difference to my day to day well being. I would recommend him to anyone!

Samuel Crowley

Annie was my Pilates instructor for 1 and a half years in Sydney, Australia. I was always very pleased with her competence, professionalism and care. After a lifetime of back pain, Annie took me through my first pregnancy and I credit her for having a pain-free pregnancy and inner muscles so strong that even surprised my obstetrician whilst he was delivering my baby boy! I highly recommend Annie not only for her professional skills and knowledge, but also for her amazing charisma and care.

Pamella Froes

I had been having weekly Pilates sessions for about two years when I started Pilates with Annie. Within a short time I could really see results and felt I was making huge progress with Annie.  She worked around my injuries so that I always felt I did a very hard work out, and could feel myself getting stronger and fitter each week. Annie is a very professional and gifted physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, and a caring and warm individual.  The sessions were always fun.  I wish Annie all the best.

Debra Fowler

As a mother of two young children, my weekly Pilates session with Annie was my ‘me’ time, my opportunity to work out the niggles, relax and often have a bit of a giggle! Her extensive knowledge of both Physiotherapy and Pilates combined with her caring approach and cheeky sense of humour made my sessions the wonderfully restorative occasions they needed to be!

Dimity Carrick

I snapped my ACL during a soccer match in January 2014 and had my ACL surgery  in March. Martin has guided me through the recovery journey from week one. He helped me to make it a positive experience and definately came out very strong (both physically and mentally). I started seeing him 3 times a week, mainly focusing on basic rehab and getting my stability back, followed by physio sessions (3-2 times a week) and exercises in the gym to strengthen my legs and knee and increase the movement of my knee. Because of his great support and treatments, I have been able to run the famous ‘City to Surf’ run in Sydney (14km), which was just 5 months after the surgery (without any pain)! I am currently training for a triathlon.It’s great to be back in sporting mode again, without any pain or restrictions.

Bart Moen

After years of having a bad back since the age of 15 (scoliosis, bulging discs & sciatic pains). I was seeing a chiropractor for many years which didn’t help improve my back. After 2 severe episodes where I could not move and ended up in hospital I decided it was time for a change. I quit playing volleyball, I quit seeing my chiropractor and decided to start Pilates run by a physiotherapist and started having a remedial massage once a month. I have been doing Pilates for 3 years now and have not had an episode with my back. Pilates has strengthened my back, core, my flexibility and posture. I cannot recommend it enough to people. Annie was one of my instructors in that 3 years she is professional and approachable. Annie tailored my routine based on my needs and continued to challenge & change the routine to make it interesting. I have no hesitate recommending Annie to anyone.”


Annika is a wonderful physio as well as a fantastic Pilates instructor. She worked with me for over a year helping me reduce and prevent my back and hip pain and strengthen my body after the birth of my first baby which was a c section.  She assisted in relocating and strengthening my abdominal muscles as well as strengthening my arms and upper back muscles to assist in dealing with the day to day strains of a growing baby into a toddler.  I feel that Annika became not only a person I could depend on when I was in pain but also a friend and I enjoyed my weekly Pilates sessions as I came away feeling revitalised & strengthened. With Annika’s help and training she assisted me in reaching my goal of pre baby weight prior to becoming pregnant again.

Michelle Field

Injuries and aches are an unfortunate part of sport but Martin has great understanding of how to work with the players and conditioning staff so that they we can all understand the injury but the player can continue to train and develop without causing any further damage, helping them to come back as fit and strong as possible. He has developed an increasing understanding of the role of strength and conditioning during his time here and since he left the club whilst working oversees and continues to be an advocate for close teamwork between physios and conditioners/personal trainers to get the best out of the player and squad.

Stuart Yule

I can’t say enough good things about Annie and her skills as both a Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher. Having chronic problems through scoliosis in my back Annie has treated me with physiotherapy and acupuncture which has helped to alleviate the pain and allowed me to gain a lot more mobility. As a Pilates teacher, Annie made me feel confident because her instructions were concise and easy to understand. Annie made the sessions challenging but fun as she always knew how to get the most out of me. Annie is always positive and encouraging and with the wealth of knowledge of her skills as a Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor I felt I was in very good hands indeed. I would highly recommend Annie with no reservations whatsoever.

Marijke Janetz

I worked with Martin for 2 seasons as an academy player before turning professional at Glasgow Warriors. He was an excellent physio who helped me recover from a back issue during the start of my career, providing specific treatment & rehab programme for my position as a scrum half, as well as introducing me to Pilates as means to preventing further problems. With his guidance and treatment it ultimately helped me achieve my goal of getting a full professional contract and furthering my career.

Murray McConnell

Just wanted to say thanks for all the guidance during my couch to trail half marathon target in 8 weeks! Well, I did it, 13.75 miles of mud, ran the distance, took it steady and came in at 2 hrs 40 which I was delighted with. No post run soreness at all so many thanks again.

Jo Berwick