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Sports Therapy


A Graduate Sports Therapist is someone who can assess, treat, prevent and rehabilitate injuries/pain, and get the individual back to full sport, or work, specific fitness.

There are 5 major areas that are key to what a Sports Therapist can offer;

  • Assess, treat and rehabilitate injuries/pain. Refer for specialist advice when needed
  • Rehabilitation programs for return to sport or work
  • Preventing injuries with specific injury prevention programmes or techniques
  • Soft tissue techniques such as Sports Massage
  • Providing first aid, immediate injury care and basic life support at in recreational and competitive environments.

A typical session with a Sports Therapists involves an assessment of your injury or problem, soft tissue techniques such as sports massage, and a rehabilitation/treatment plan made specific to your needs. This process occurs from the moment an injury occurs, until you are ready to go back to your sport, job or hobby at peak performance.

You do not need to participate in sport for sports therapy treatment to be beneficial. If you have a demanding job, want to run round a football pitch or sit for long periods at a desk, a Sports Therapist can help you.