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Pilates Stourbridge

Pilates Classes in Stourbridge

Here at Mac Physio, we provide Physiotherapy, and services such as Clinical equipment Pilates in our Stourbridge clinic & Clinical mat Pilates classes in both Wollaston & Brierley Hill.

Pilates has become incredibly popular and is widely available – alot of people wonder why Clinical Pilates is any different than going to a Pilates class that runs at their gym – the major difference is the extent of knowledge and training that a Clinical Pilates teacher has, which allows them to adjust, modify and choose the accurate Pilates exercises for an individual.

A trained physiotherapist is whom prescribes and supervises a Clinical Pilates class, whereas an instructor for Regular Pilates only recommends a generalised program of exercises to individuals.

Both types of Pilates are based on the original theories and practices of Joseph Pilates and are exceptional ways to improve strength, flexibility and control. However regular Pilates does not take into account an individual’s injuries, history, pathologies and specific physiological needs.

Clinical Pilates on the other hand applies carefully selected exercises to clients with specific injuries, recurrent problems or Muscular imbalances. All of these disorders can effect most of us during some part of our life whether it is recovering from an episode of lower back pain, suffering with headaches and neck pain due to posture at work or not doing enough strength work alongside your running training and finding you keep getting the same re-occuring niggles! Clinical Pilates ensures optimal gains whilst minimizing the likelihood of injury aggravation.

Clinical Pilates applies carefully selected exercises to patients with specific injuries, this ensures optimal gains whilst minimizing the likelihood of injury aggravation. It helps to focus on the body, but also control of yourself. Before any course of Clinical Pilates is undertaken by you, we perform an assessment to gauge where injuries lie, the cause of injury, and how to tackle this without adding further agitation to it!

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Pilates Stourbridge

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