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Physio Led Pilates

So, you’ve heard people talking about Pilates and you’re keen to give it a go…… but what is it exactly and why is a Physio led class any better than a class in a gym!?

Pilates is a form of low impact conditioning exercise that helps to strengthen the core, leg & arm muscles, improves flexibility & restores normal muscle balance in the body. It also improves postural awareness and breathing control to help you feel relaxed and refreshed after every class. It is therefore no surprise that health professionals, including Physiotherapists, are recommending Pilates as a treatment to help ease aches and pains and deter injury.

Physio Led Pilates is suitable for almost everyone, including those with postural, spinal, musculoskeletal or neurological conditions. We routinely see clients who do Pilates as an adjunct to their sport as it is an ideal form of strength training to aid in injury prevention & can complement training schedules for a challenging core workout. We work with clients pre and post – surgery & Pilates is also a very safe and effective form of exercise during and after pregnancy.

All our classes are led by Physiotherapists, with an expert knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and experience of rehabilitation through exercise.

At Mac Physio & Pilates we offer Clinical Pilates classes which mean they are led by an experienced APPI trained Physiotherapist, our instructor has over 10 years experience and can ensure that each exercise is performed safely, effectively & modified to the appropriate level for you. Our classes are small and intimate with a maximum of 8 – 12 people in each group allowing the instructor to correct positions for you to get the maximum benefit out of every exercise.

We aim to make each class different with a variety of exercises, in addition to the use of small equipment such as stretchy bands, spiky balls, magic circles and foam rollers. This ensures that we are constantly challenging and developing your strength instead of your body becoming too used to the exercises, and in turn it becoming too easy, repetitive and boring!

We ensure that you will experience a Pilates repetoire that will continually challenge you, under the guidance of an expert at all times, giving you the confidence you are achieving the most out of your sessions!

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