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Persistent Pain

Persistent Pain – 4 week group practical & educational workshop co-hosted by Mac Physio & Pilates & Mindful Changes Therapy

Do you struggle with Persistent Pain ? We aim to provide the answers on why we get pain and how to take back control

Course aims:

1. To help you understand more about pain – Pain science explained in simple, easy to understand language so you become knowledgeable about your condition

2. To give you the opportunity to learn & practice tools to enable you to manage pain, start to take control and put things into practice.

3: To teach you how your mind and body are connected and how you can influence that relationship to manage pain.


You will learn the most up to date information about what is good practice.

We will be myth busting! Looking at out dated or misinformation and poor pain language, such as ‘chronic’ pain and slipped disc.

You will discover the holistic approach to pain, how being active can offer relief, the ideal types & benefits of exercise

You will understand how acceptance is important to your long term pain management.

This is a fabulous opportunity to meet other people living with pain and have open and honest conversations with health professionals/ health coaches.

The cost for all four weeks is just £197, this includes an MP3 recording and a goody bag.

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Have a listen to gain more insight into the topics and ground breaking information regarding Persistent/Chronic Pain that we will be discussing during the workshop