New Year’s training resolutions……and the Injuries!

New Year’s training resolutions……and the Injuries!


So it’s that time again when we are all motivated to start the year as we mean to go on – stepping in to those new trainers, hitting the road running or joining a gym!

Everything is going great until you pull up with that injury out of nowhere…whether it be the usual suspect’s calf, hamstring, hip flexors or something completely bizarre that you can’t put your finger on it!

Knee and Achilles tendinopathy are the most common overuse injuries, with Knee related injuries account for nearly 30-40% of running injuries

Approximately 27% of novice runners will report an injury within the first year after starting running.

Why does it happen when everything is going so well?!

More often than not it is down to overuse and poor training techniques – too much, too soon, too fast! A simple programme to follow for running is the 10% rule! But be mindful that this will be different for everyone depending on your ability / training history.

Weakness and poor mobility can also have a big impact on injury – this is where an assessment by a qualified Physiotherapist can be beneficial. We can give advice on areas to be improved upon and running / training techniques to help injury prevention.

Get in touch if you are experiencing a new niggle which is having an impact on your training regime – Our qualified Physiotherapists can perform a full assessment and advice / treatment to get you back on track to achieve your goals!


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