COVID-19 Info - MAC Physio & Pilates

COVID-19 Info

Coronavirus Update – 18th May

We are continuing to offer Online Physio consultations and Pilates sessions at this time.
In accordance with both guidance from the government as well as the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, we are working hard to put measures in to place to allow us to start offering some face to face appointments soon – these will be for specific clinically reasoned cases.
We are required to continue a “virtual first” approach to seeing our clients but a new patient screening process will allow us to determine who can also be seen face to face.
As always the safety of our staff and clients are our main priority so as well as implementing our new screening forms, we will ensure clients undertaking a face to face appointment are fully informed when giving consent and understand the risks involved.  A full risk assessment of our clinic environment has been completed, and our PPE and infection control policies are available for staff and clients to access to ensure we all adhere to the same procedures.
These include, but are not limited to –
  • Only completing face to face consultations where clinically reasoned, with a virtual session always being offered as priority.
  • Every patient will be screened to confirm they haven’t got a current COVID diagnosed or are presenting with symptoms.
  • Only practitioners will touch door handles and all payments will be done either by card payment or through online means.
  • No treatment rooms will be used by multiple Physios
  • Hand santisier or hand washing facilities must be used by every patient when entering and leaving the clinic. If a patient is wearing any PPE before entering the clinic we will ask you to remove it and provide you with new.
  • There will be a 15-minute gap between patients to allow a thorough wipe down of all surfaces including door handles as well as washing of hands before and after wiping down surfaces.
  • There will be no waiting within the clinic, you must wait outside or in your car until invited to enter.
  • We request that you attend your appointment on your own unless absolutely necessary.
  • All staff will be temperature checked before every shift.
  • Staff will be required to wear PPE (apron, mask +/- visor, and gloves)
  • All clients will be temperature checked upon arrival and will be asked to wear a face mask during the treatment session.
  • Staff will have new clothing at the start of every shift and will travel direct to work only.
  • All movement outside the clinic room will abide to social distancing rules.
We will keep you updated with any further information as we hear it.
If you are unsure if you are suitable for a face to face appointment please contact us and one of our Physiotherapists will be happy to discuss things with you further.
01384 210997