Conditions & Treatment | MAC Physio & Pilates



Our physiotherapists use a combination of hands on treatments, rehabilitation and soft tissue techniques to address the underlying problems that contribute to conditions such as:

BACK PAIN: Sciatica, disc protrusions, pre and post natal back pain, nerve root, muscle ache, facet joint and osteoarthritis pain

SHOULDER PAIN: Impingement syndrome, Rotator cuff tear, bursitis, clavicular fractures (collar bone), shoulder dislocations

OSTEOARTHRITIS/ JOINT STIFFNESS: restricted movement and joint mobility in spine, hips and ankles and shoulders restricting normal movements and contributing to muscle tightness.

KNEE PAIN: meniscus and cartilage injuries, quads and hamstring injuries, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, medial collateral ligament (MCL) injuries, patella femoral pain (knee cap), Total and partial knee replacements (TKR)

MUSCLE TIGHTNESS: soft tissue fascial and neuromuscular issues contributing to muscle tightness restricting joint movements and performance.

HIP PAIN: groin and adductor injuries, Labral tears, femoral impingement syndrome, bursitis, total hip replacements (THR)

FOOT & ANKLE PAIN: Achilles’s tendon, ligament sprains, osteochondral issues, heel spur and plantar fascia syndrome, ankle and metatarsal fractures

WRIST & ELBOW PAIN: carpal tunnel, repetitive strain injuries, RSI, lateral & medial epicondyalgia (tennis & golfers elbow)

NECK PAIN: whiplash, facet pain, nerve root impingement, cervicogenic headaches

PRE & POST NATAL BACK PAIN: use of techniques to offload sacro-iliac and pubic joint e.g. muscle energy techniques, taping, pregnancy belts and clinical pilates.

HEADACHES: joint stiffness of upper cervical spine, postural awareness and motor control and strength of deep neck flexors and trunk muscles contributing to cervicogenic headaches.