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Best Pilates exercises to target your Gluts!

With so many exercises out there & everyone needed a slightly different tailored approach to their strength work, it can be quite confusing to know which exercises you are going to get the most benefit out of & what muscles they are actually targeting!
In this blog Annie our APPI Pilates instructor and Physiotherapist shares 3 of her favourite Gluteal exercises giving you some great tips to improve your technique and ensure you are really getting the most out of your work out!

Shoulder Bridge Level 1 and 2

The shoulder bridge has multiple functions. Firstly in level 1 the movement focuses on spinal articulation and mobilising the vertebrae, excellent for stiff thoracic and lumbar spines and gaining segmental control. This of course works the core strength through each vertebral movement and uses gluteus maximus muscle activation too.

Gluteus maximus is our largest glut muscle and is responsible for powerful movemnts such as climbing stairs & running.

Clam Level 1

The clam primarily trains the posterior fibres of gluteus medius. Gluteus medius is one of our main pelvic stability muscles, working during single leg stand, walking and running. Performed in side lying, it also challenges the rotation control of the pelvis.

Lift and lower with circle variation

The lift & lower exercise not only challenges your balance & stability in a side lying position but also helps to re train the posterior fires of glutues medius especially with the added circle variation where a little bit of extra focus on your hip extension can really target that burn!


All these exercise should work your gluteal muscles and be felt isolated to this area – you should not feel any discomfort in your lower back with any of these exercises and are advised to stop if you do and seek advise from a health professional.

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