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BBC West Midlands chat – Physio advice on working from home & how to seek help through virtual consultations

Chat with BBC West Midlands – 26/04/20


Virtual Physiotherapy appointments may seem like a new concept to many, especially when you might think Physio is only a hands on treatment approach. In reality these online consultations have been running successfully for a long time – way before Coronavirus changed the way we approach our work and personal lives.

Physiotherapists have a wealth of knowledge to assess and advise on the problems you may be experiencing. During your consultation a thorough history will be taken learning all about your symptoms, this is followed by a detailed examination where we ask you to perform certain movements and tests to help us diagnose the cause of your symptoms. We are then able to send an individualised exercise & self – management programme with both pictures & videos to your email for you to continue your rehab at home.

With this in mind if you are struggling with pain or a new injury don’t put off getting the advice and help you need whilst isolated at home. Virtual Physiotherapy consultations give you the ability to reach out to a health professional with expert knowledge and experience who can reassure and advise on what you can do to help.


Working from Home?


We all know it’s far from ideal at the moment if you’re working from home. With the kids, pets & other distractions there’s already enough to think about so don’t let the worry of not having a perfect work station concern you! Much of the research now tells us that posture does not correlate to pain – so this basically means if you’re screen isn’t at eye height, your chair the perfect level and your wrist supported whilst using the mouse it’s not the end of the world!

You simply need to use a common sense approach with your computer set up, try things like avoiding using your laptop on your knees whilst on the sofa, you can create a standing desk by using a stable surface to place your laptop on or if you have a computer already set up remember “Your next posture is your best posture” – there’s no perfect, right or wrong way to sit, stand or move – if you are able to keep moving postion at regular intervals this will have a much bigger impact on pain you may be experiencing compared to sitting in one ‘perfect’ posture for a long period of time.

The discomfort you may be experiencing after a couple of weeks of working from home is probably down to adopting unfamiliar positions rather than wrong positions. Your body will adapt over time but in the interim period the best thing you can do is move.

Whilst working from home you will get up and move around a lot less than you normally would in your work place environment, take breaks for a cuppa, a quick stretch, or a walk from room to room – this will make a big difference!


Exercising more?


Over the past few weeks many of us have had more time on our hands coupled with some stunning April sunshine! This has got us outdoors working in the garden or out for our daily exercise walking, running and cycling. Many of our clients who have been getting in touch have been struggling with new aches and pains. Most commonly where people have been increasing their running miles they are experiencing Achilles Tendinopthy symptoms, cyclists are struggling with knee issues and many keen gardeners have complained of back discomfort.

Whilst it’s incredibly important to be maintaing your acivity levels you also need to ensure you are not over loading your body and doing too much too soon.

If you’re concerned about a new injury / pain, then online consultations are a perfect way to get a fast diagnosis to help reassure and resolve the problems your are experiencing.



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