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Ante & Post Natal Pilates

At Mac Physio & Pilates our Antenatal & Postnatal Pilates sessions are ran by a fully chartered Physiotherapist with specialist training in teaching pregnant and post-partum ladies. Ante & Post Natal Pilates is one of the most popular forms of exercise that women all over the world take, to improve their core and pelvic floor strength.

Our Physio’s can support your body’s individual clinical needs, advising on the correct exercise for your body and educating you on its changes. This personalised approach is facilitated by our 1:1 or duet sessions. This allows you to receive the attention you need.

Finding time for yourself can be hard at the best of times. Antenatal and postnatal Pilates sessions offer you time to relax and prioritise the needs of your body: during pregnancy, taking care of you also means taking care of baby. Once born, we offer a baby friendly setting; focusing on supporting your body in its recovery, while your little one is welcome to come along to the session.

Our Antenatal and Postnatal Pilates sessions have the added benefit of a friendly, informal environment where you can discuss any concerns or queries with your Physiotherapist.

Why Ante Natal Pilates?

During pregnancy, your body endures a huge amount of change and strain. You may be experiencing pain in your back, ligaments or joints; weakening pelvic floor; reduced range of movement; problems with circulation or excessive tiredness. The stress and anxiety of looking after your own body and that of the child you’re carrying can be difficult and, at times, overwhelming.

Antenatal Pilates, when practised correctly, can offer remedy and relief from the strains and stresses of pregnancy. The gentle movements of Antenatal Pilates focus on building and maintaining ‘core’ strength this includes not only your transverse abdominis (deep stomach muscle) but your pelvic floor muscles, lower back muscles & your diaphragm.

As your body’s biomechanics change in pregnancy, so does the load placed on your ligaments, joints and muscles. Antenatal Pilates is a safe and effective way to maintain your range of movement throughout pregnancy. As a form of gentle exercise, its benefits extend to improving circulation, relaxation and reducing swelling.

You can begin antenatal Pilates from the twelfth week of your pregnancy and continue until birth with exercises being modified for each trimester.

Ante Natal Pilates 1:1 & duet sessions run from our Physiotherapy clinic in lower high street, Stourbridge

Why Postnatal Pilates?

Ante & Post Natal Pilates

Your body will have endured a lot over the past 9 months through pregnancy & then labour. These Ante & Post Natal Pilates classes are designed to educate you on the changes your body will have experienced during this time as well as changes that will still be continuing Postpartum, particularly if you are breast feeding.

A common effect of pregnancy is Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (DRA). This is where the Linea Alba (connective tissue) that connects your Rectus Abdominis (6 pack muscles) splits down the middle. This is normal and necessary for baby to grow -100% of women will experience this by 35 weeks of pregnancy. Usually by 8 weeks after pregnancy this can heal itself but for many women this gap remains. If you do not seek the right form of exercises to strengthen and heal the split you may be left with further damage to the connective tissue, pelvic floor dysfunction or a doming lower tummy that you are unable to flatten.

Postnatal Pilates can recommence following your 6-week check, and can support your body in its recovery following pregnancy and birth. We can check if you have a DRA and advise on the correct exercises to safely heal and strengthen your tummy. Your little ones are welcome to join us during the session and play mats are provided to keep them occupied while you focus on some much needed you time!

If you would like to find out more about our Ante & Post Natal Pilates sessions, please Contact Us – we are always happy to help!

Post Natal Pilates 1:1 & duet sessions run from our Physiotherapy clinic in lower highstreet, Stourbridge