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How do Online Physiotherapy consultations work?
When you see us promote our online video consultations, you may be wondering how does that work?
How can we help you resolve your pain without being in the same room?

Just like a normal session you would have in the clinic, we discuss your pain or problem and any relevant past medical history in detail. We identify the end goal that you want to get back to, then we develop a treatment plan identifying the steps that we need to get there. We will then look at your movement & talk you through any tests we may need to review.

When it comes down to treatment, the only difference between the online consultation and in-person, is instead of using hands-on techniques like massage or release work, we do a lot more exercise based treatment where we coach you through specific exercises to help you take the next steps on your treatment plan towards a full recovery. In fact we can also show you self release techniques using your own hands, foam rollers and massage balls.

We will then give you the exact rehab exercises that you need to be doing in between sessions, which are sent to you as a personailsed plan direct to your email.

So, the only difference between coming to see us in person compared to online is less hands on treatment, but ultimately the same end result of a happier, healthier, pain free life!

Luckily, our approach is very adaptable to online situations, and while the hands on treatment definitely helps, it is a small part of our overall system and the exercises are far more important.

We are already getting great feedback on our online consultations and have been able to assist clients with their ongoing rehab and progression whilst reducing their pain.
So if for whatever reason you can’t get in to see us, whether you are self-isolating due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak (in which case it could be a perfect opportunity for you to work on those aches and pains you’ve been meaning to get sorted!) or you live too far away, get in touch to find out more about our online consultations and how they can help you!

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