Tennis Elbow – ‘Lateral Elbow Pain’


So firstly lets clear up a few things…………

Myth: You can only get this from playing Tennis (actually only 5% of people suffering from tennis elbow relate the injury to tennis!)

Fact: Lateral elbow pain affects not only athletes but also manual workers and office workers, it can respond fantastically to Physiotherapy treatment.

  So what is it?

tennis elbow 2

It is the most common overuse syndrome in the elbow, and is an injury involving the ‘gripping’ muscles of the forearm that attach to the outside ‘lateral’ part of the elbow.

In a lot of cases these muscles and tendons are affected by the constant overloading from repeated use of your hand such as using a mouse, repetitive lifting or using tools at work such as a hammer.

Myth: It is classed as a tendonitis – a pure inflammatory condition.

Fact: More accurately it should be classed as a Tendonopathy – where changes occur in the tissue.


Why do I need to get it treated?

Well firstly it can be incredibly painful making simple activities such as lifting a saucepan excruciating!

Now for the scientific bit……. nowadays there is better understanding of what the condition is, they used to think it was an inflammatory issue with the tendon however inflammation is present only in the earliest stages of the disease process, which is why taking long term anti-inflammatory medication is of no benefit!

Then they realised it was less to do with inflammation and more due to actual changes in the structure of the tendon as result of overload and micro trauma, resulting in the body laying done sub quality ‘scar like’ tissue which has less strength than the original, an increase in water content of the tendon resulting in sometimes visible or possible palpable thickening and new in growth of small blood vessels that have a nerve supply which contribute to an increase in sensitivity and pain at the tendon. If this isn’t dealt with it will become more aggravated and in turn more difficult to settle down.


So where do we start with treatment?

The skill in physio when diagnosing is to find what other reasons may have contributed to this overload. The old ideas of rest, anti-inflammatory medication, ice, massage and electrotherapy were not dealing with the underlying problem – it’s the role of physio through treatment and exercise to help the body return this tendon as close to the structure it previously was, some of these changes will take weeks!

It is always important to get professional advice to confirm a diagnosis, once you have done this you can try these simple steps to ease your symptoms:

  1. Change the position you grip things, i.e. instead of your palm facing down try gripping / lifting with palm facing up wards to change the load on your tendons.
  2. See if these help – Self mobilisations – lateral glide of the Ulnar
  3. Start some Isometric strengthening work –




Lots of patients come to us telling us that they have been told by friends or other therapists that they should stretch it as much as they can or have deep massage or ultrasound – however the research shows these interventions do not work and in fact some can aggravate the condition!!

Contact us today for an expert assessment, diagnosis and to start you on the road to recovery!



New Year’s training resolutions……and the Injuries!

So it’s that time again when we are all motivated to start the year as we mean to go on – stepping in to those new trainers, hitting the road running or joining a gym!

Everything is going great until you pull up with that injury out of nowhere…whether it be the usual suspect’s calf, hamstring, hip flexors or something completely bizarre that you can’t put your finger on it!

Knee and Achilles tendinopathy are the most common overuse injuries, with Knee related injuries account for nearly 30-40% of running injuries

Approximately 27% of novice runners will report an injury within the first year after starting running.

Why does it happen when everything is going so well?!

More often than not it is down to overuse and poor training techniques – too much, too soon, too fast! A simple programme to follow for running is the 10% rule! But be mindful that this will be different for everyone depending on your ability / training history.

Weakness and poor mobility can also have a big impact on injury – this is where an assessment by a qualified Physiotherapist can be beneficial. We can give advice on areas to be improved upon and running / training techniques to help injury prevention.

Get in touch if you are experiencing a new niggle which is having an impact on your training regime – Our qualified Physiotherapists can perform a full assessment and advice / treatment to get you back on track to achieve your goals!


Elite Athlete Sponsorship (EAS) Program

The Elite Athlete Sponsorship Program has been developed to assist elite and up and coming athletes access better and faster health care, more effective training programs and aid in their recovery process.

What Does the Program Offer?

The sponsored athlete with receive the following:

8 x Physiotherapist Sessions aimed at assessing, treating and maintaining effective body movement and control.

2 x 30 min massage sessions for recovery and maintenance.

Mac Physio & Pilates training T shirt

Individual Physiotherapist you can call on for advice.

Picture and Caption on the wall of our local clinic to get the community behind you!

Exposure on our Website, Facebook and Twitter with your progress.

Value: £350

Who Can Apply?

Any one can apply, from any sport, as long as you are from the local area. Local is defined as either growing up, near or currently living within a 10km radius of either our Wollaston or Quarry Bank clinic.

You must currently be playing or participating in the sport of your nomination, and have met the criteria as stated below. You must also not currently have another physio or health sponsor.

Specific Selection Criteria

We will decide on successful athletes based on the following set of criteria:

  • Sport
  • Notable Achievements
  • Work and Schooling situation
  • Academic Performance
  • Social Background
  • Community Involvement
  • How you are Progressing your sport
  • Statement of future goal

Of course not every one can be sponsored in this way, but we keep all athletes on file and will contact you if a space is made available and we would like to support you in your cause! There is no offence meant in unsuccessful applications and if you do not receive a sponsorship, we encourage you to continue to do your best and improve every week!

Your Obligation

There are a few obligations that go along with Mac Physio & Pilates EAS. None of them will cost you a thing!

  • Tweet, facebook, and other social media about Mac Physio & Pilates as being part of your process to prepare to compete. It helps drive clients to our clinics so we can hopefully be as successful as you and continue doing the good work we always try to do! Monthly posts in each would be great!
  • Provide a time that we can get a mug shot so we can have your face hanging in our clinic! This is for other budding athletes to gaze upon when they are in being treated, giving them inspiration to be more than they are!
  • Wear your Mac Physio & Pilates T-Shirt to training now and again!
  • Let others know where you go and how great we are! 😉

Our Obligation

Of course there are things we need to do:

  • Provide you with the services mentioned in the specifics.
  • Tweet, Facebook your successes to drive traffic to you and support your cause!
  • Develop your reputation by having a sponsor on board.
  • Place you on our website for more exposure and more support.

How long can I be supported?

Each Athlete undergoes a 12 month program. At the end of the program, they do need to reapply for sponsorship. If they have continued their growth in their sport and are continuing to play and perform at an elite level, it is likely that they will stay on into the future. We support athletes for a maximum term of 2-3 years.

Finishing Sponsorship

If circumstances arise by the way of injury, or a dropping in performance, then after the 12 month sponsorship is completed, both parties are usually happy to discontinue the program to enable others to take on the challenge. Both parties will be notified in writing.

If an athlete becomes a professional in their sport and has access to physiotherapy and health care as part of their contract with their team, club or coach, the sponsorship program ends. This enables us to reach as many budding athletes are we can, whilst noting the success stories of our old clients! Of course this is what we were always after and means we all achieved success…

Many professional clients choose to stay on with  Mac Physio & Pilates and their individual physiotherapist, which is great!

How do I apply?

Please send us an email outlining your sporting background, achievements, about yourself and future plans.