About Andy

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist & Level 3 Strength & Conditioning Coach


Andy has been qualified as a physiotherapist since 2004. In this time he has worked with clients of all ages and abilities with acute, longstanding and postoperative conditions. Since 2006 he has specialised in musculoskeletal physiotherapy consistently providing friendly and effective treatment using manual therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, evidence based exercises and promoting self-management skills.

Andy originally studied Sport Science and this has helped him gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for physical preparation and quality of movement. His main passion is in all things strength and has particular interest in powerlifting, strongman and kettlebell training.

Andy likes to practice what he preaches and has had some experience competing in strength sports, martial arts (wrestling/BJJ) and running. This has given him an understanding of the high toll sports can place on the body and how important it is to be doing the right exercises in the right way to make the body more resilient in preventing the onset of injury and performing more effectively.

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